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Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart

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Eric Bikales presents an original album of piano solos that ring with all the depth and emotion of a full production, but maintain the calming sensuality of Cool Jazz. Personal and heartfelt, Follow Your Heart is an instrumental conversation from his heart to yours.

TRACK LIST (click song title to listen to a sample):

  1. Mysterier
  2. Miles To Go
  3. Follow Your Heart
  4. Melissa
  5. Someway Someday
  6. The Closer You Get
  7. Fabulous Island
  8. Maybe Yes Maybe No
  9. Song For My Father
  10. Franklin Jubilee

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*Larry Knight
A brilliant nuanced performance of original music. In a world in chaos, this music is an oasis of calm and beauty.

*Andy Laverne
Finally had a chance to sit down and listen to your CD - Fantastic! Beautiful compositions, beautifully played, on a beautiful piano. Love the sequence of tunes, fabulous flow, with lots of interesting harmonic and melodic twists. But above all else is your great rhythmic drive and intensity. It's very rewarding listening to such a seasoned, experienced, and mature artist. Best $20 I ever spent!

*Rick Moors
Got the CD and I gotta say you knocked this one out of the park, just an excellent job.  I hear bits of Keith Jarrett, Debussy, Nicky Hopkins,  and of course, Floyd Cramer - but it all sounds original.  I really think that solo piano is your true voice, you get every nuance out of a great instrument like this.

*Allen DeCamp:
"Just finished listening to your newest solo piano collection and enjoyed it immensely. Strong form structures. Intriguing harmonies and modulations. Memorable melodies with a lot of non-linear movement and, while I thought I could accurately predict what would happen next, I was always pleasantly surprised."

Scott Mathews:
"I just received your "Follow Your Heart" CD. The music is beautiful and will be on my playlist for a long time. Congratulations on a superlative effort."

*Linda Dillard:
"Love you Dude! And your wonderful music too!!! I always knew the beauty in your heart and soul, but now I get to listen to it anytime I want. Gorgeous music! It stabs me in the heart!!!! Thank you so for your gift!"

Rick Sherman:
"Eric, what a treat seeing (and hearing) you was! Your own composition, "Song for My Father", was amazing, and in my mind conveyed even more love and emotion than that "other" song with the same title!"

*Emily Bindiger:
"Yesterday, Robbie and I drove up to Boston for the day. Glorious fall foliage, just perfect. Made even more perfect when I popped in your CD. We LOVED it. Beautiful songs, really excellent playing, thoughtfully and respectfully

*Joy Bland:
"Just got my CD a couple days ago...been listening to it ever since...LOVE IT!!! People, if you don't have his CD, download it from iTunes...SOOO worth it!!!"

Marshall Rimann:
"You make beautiful music. Thank you!"

*Debra Sheridan
Eric knows how to take you on a musical journey. The first time you listen you know you're in for a pleasant ride. You don't know where you're going but you feel relaxed and confident you'll enjoy it. And you do. The music evokes emotions and feelings you didn't expect. The next time you hear that same song you're eager for the journey because you know it's a good one. The third time you hear that same song you're a bit surprised hearing all the nuances that were there all along but you weren't quite ready to hear. And now, you want more. This has been my experience with all of Eric's music. I want more!

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